Photo restoration

A photograph is a memory that should last a lifetime, though these memories can become damaged and faded. With our non-damaging digital photo restoration services, we are able to bring these memories back to life removing dents, scratches, water damage, tears and even bringing back the original colour whilst giving you enlarged, high quality prints and electronic copies in the process. With these new memories, you can share them with family and friends whilst displaying them in the original glory on new, high quality prints of canvas.

This is a service originally offered by Daniel for a number of years now, far before the start of Exmouth Photo Studio but we are lucky enough to have the many years experience brought with him into Exmouth Photo Studio. Today however, Alice has joined the Studio and offers the same, high level of photo restoration services.

The prints we offer should last over 100 years but can still become damaged with damp issues, dropping, folding etc. This is the same for our prints as it is for those done a lifetime ago and the techniques are still the same for restoring the images back to original glory.

We use non-damaging techniques to copy the original image leaving it in the same condition as we found it, no matter the original size, small or large.

We will always advise on the length of time to spend on an image and any potential problems with that image to get it back to original standard with some images being harder to restore than others.

We will ask you the end result you want to achieve from your photograph restoration and if you want any modifications made to the image to bring it back to life.

Non-damaging techniques

We use non-damaging techniques to restore your photographs with the only physical contact we have being on the initial inspection and the scanning of the image on our high resolution scanner. After this stage, we do not touch your original photograph ensuring your photograph will not become damaged any further.


From the examples you can see on this page, we have tried to show a simpler image to restore with colour correction to a more vibrant and eye catching modification and a more complex restoration that we carried out on a photograph that was larger than A3 in size with both being received with an enormous smile.


I got a photograph but how much will it cost?

If you have a photograph you want us to restore, we are not able to give you an accurate price without seeing the image first.

We study the image closely so need to see the image in person where we will be able to give you an accurate costing and set a budget with a promise that if we go over the allotted time, we will not charge you for the extra time.

Please contact us to ask any questions or pop into see us, we are opposite Greggs in Exmouth.

Please visit our gallery page to see some examples of some previous work.